Halloween Crafts with Children

Halloween Crafts with Children

At Hand on Heart, we are well aware that we start our Christmas preparations early but we couldn’t get through October without mentioning Halloween! With the weather getting colder and the nights drawing in, what better time to enjoy creating some spooky crafts with the kids?

From the traditional pumpkin carving to some more unusual crafts, we’ve put together a collection of great crafting ideas for children to get involved this Halloween

1. Halloween Slime

If your children don’t mind getting a bit sticky, this is the perfect Halloween activity - the possibilities are endless. You can create your slime in any colour you would like and can even add spooky extras like eyeballs, why not use it in your Halloween decorations? You can find everything you would need here

2. Pumpkin Carving

A truly classic halloween craft, pumpkin carving can fill a full day, you might even be lucky enough to live near a farm when you can even have a family day out choosing your pumpkin. While the tradition started in Ireland and involved carving a turnip, thankfully, these days most people prefer to use a large orange pumpkin which is much easier! From creepy to cute, let your
imagination run away with you when carving your pumpkin this year, you can get some ideas here 

3. Lollipop stick spiderwebs

You don’t need much to make these spooky little decorations, you might even already have the bits needed lying around the house! A great way to fill in a few hours, the kids will love hanging these around the house in the run up to halloween. You can find out exactly how to make these lovely little spiderwebs here

Halloween Crafts
4. Monster Handprints

A firm favourite in the Hand on Heart Jewellery camp, these adorable monsters are created with your very own handprints! All you need is some paint (or one of our inkless handprint kits if you would prefer to keep it mess-free) and some extras like googly eyes or coloured paper and you can create monsters to your hearts content! You can see some great ideas here

Once you have the childrens prints, why not take a nice clear photo and use them to create a truly special gift? It is the best time to get your Christmas shopping in after all! You can browse our full range of handprint jewellery on our website here.

5. Vampire Bat & Ghost Leaves

Why not take advantage of the crisp autumn weather and get outside with the kids for a lovely walk, collecting some leaves on the way. Using nothing more than some black and white paint you can use these to create some adorable little decorations with no waste at all! Find out more here 

6. Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls

Another great way to keep the kids entertained for an hour or so is by making a selection of monsters, using nothing more than some old toilet paper rolls, paint and possibly some googly eyes. The kids can really use their imagination, the scarier the better! See how to start your monster collection here

7. Footprint Ghosts

Finally, there’s nothing that screams halloween more than a classic white ghost. Similar to the monster handprints, all you will need is some paint, paper and a willing foot. Kids will love getting messy with the paint (or you can use one of our inkless print kits to keep mess to a minimum) and you’ll have lots of fun decorations to use around the house. You can download
instructions on how to make these footprint ghosts here

Halloween Crafts

Don’t forget, if you take a clear photo of your kids footprints before they’re decorated, we can use them to create a range of stunning keepsakes, perfect for Christmas Gifts! You can see our range of footprint jewellery on our website here.

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