Meet Sophie, our Operations Manager

Meet Sophie, our Operations Manager

Today, we’re chatting with Sophie Clark, our Hand on Heart operations manager. 

Sophie is a familiar face here at Hand on Heart. She’s been with us for eight years and returned most recently in July 2022 after welcoming her second son. Sophie initially started at Hand on Heart as maternity cover for customer service. In her words, she said, “I immediately loved everything about Hand on Heart. The team, the values, the determination to succeed, but mostly the customers... I had found my ‘place’ and my passion.” 

Over the first few years of working at Hand on Heart, Sophie’s main focus was sales and customer service. However, Sophie’s primary responsibility in recent years has been ensuring that all departments run smoothly. Sophie oversees our legal obligations and HR policies, as well as ensuring all Health and Safety aspects within the business are up to date. Sophie also manages our accounts, book-keeping, and oversees our values and mission as a company. She’s a busy woman, that’s for sure!

Sophie, what’s your favourite part of your role at Hand on Heart?

I have so many aspects of my role that I love, but supporting our team and watching each member grow and develop, and seeing the business exceed goals is amazing.

Do you have a favourite task as part of your job?

This may sound a little geeky, but I love a spreadsheet and everything to be in order, so ensuring we have adequate procedures and supporting spreadsheets in place is what I love to do. 

Has any customer feedback or reviews of Hand on Heart really stuck out as being memorable for you? 

There have been so many reviews over the years, all with such memorable stories behind them, some happy and some sad. There was one in particular which was unfortunately due to sad circumstances, but being able to help our customer to create such precious keepsakes for her family knowing just how much comfort they would bring and at such a difficult time is a feeling that I will never forget.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I have two precious little boys, Arthur, who is four and Henry, who has just turned one, so my time outside of work is often kept busy, running around after them. They are my little best friends, and making memories with them is magical. Aside from ‘Mum life,’ I enjoy music, cocktails and good food.

What’s your favourite thing about living and working in the Lake District?

Living in the Lake District is certainly something I take for granted, but being able to spend evenings at the Lake or walks with family up the fells, seeing the breathtaking views that others can often only dream of, I am extremely lucky.

Do you have a favourite Hand on Heart piece of jewellery? If so, what is it and why?

We have so many beautiful designs, and I am fortunate to have a few special pieces of my own, all of which mean the world to me. My first piece was my heart necklace with my husband and my wedding fingerprint imprinted, but I think I would have to say my favourite is my silver medallion with both my boys’ names and handprints.

Handprint Jewellery Collection

If you had to sum up your job at Hand on Heart in three words, what would you say? 

Exhilarating. Passionate. Fulfilling.

What’s an interesting or unexpected fact about you that people might not know?

Pre-children, I used to love Kickboxing – I plan on one day getting back into it and going through the grading.

Thanks for chatting with us, Sophie! As operations manager, Sophie oversees many different parts of the business and ensures it’s running like a well-oiled machine! It’s been fascinating finding out more about her day-to-day role at Hand on Heart and what a typical day might entail. 

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