Meet the Hand on Heart Jewellery Team

Meet Lauran, our Senior Studio Operator

Today, we’re sitting down for a chat with Lauran Dunn, our senior studio operator. 

Lauran is our senior studio operator and is trained in all production areas. Her day-to-day job role is to create customer orders, and her additional responsibilities include stock monitoring, studio machine maintenance, production reports, overseeing the majority of training in the studio and conducting training meetings. Along with many other team members, she’s been a fixture at Hand on Heart for a long time (she’s worked here for almost eight years!) and has tried her hand at all areas of the business.

Lauran, what’s your favourite part of your role at Hand on Heart?

I love the training side of my role. This part of my role has really developed over the past few years, and I am constantly reviewing our training and how it can be improved for all team members. I love to see new team members gaining confidence in the studio and learning new processes.

Do you have a favourite task as part of your job?

I don’t do it very often, but I enjoy creating memorial ashes pieces. It feels very therapeutic in a way.

Has any customer feedback or have any reviews of Hand on Heart really stuck out as being memorable for you? 

I love hearing customer feedback. All feedback that we receive feels so special because we know how much these pieces mean to people and the comfort they can bring.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy sewing when I have the time to pull the sewing machine out! I make patchwork quilts and patchwork bears for babies. I am actually making a quilt right now for my own baby!

Meet the Hand on Heart Jewellery Team

What’s your favourite thing about living and working in the Lake District?

I love the laid-back attitude everyone has around here. I do enjoy going into the big cities with the hustle and bustle, but it’s always nice to come home and feel like you can breathe and take things a little slower.

Do you have a favourite Hand on Heart piece of jewellery? If so, what is it and why?

This is hard; I have had so many favourite pieces over the years! I think right now my favourite is the Fingerprint Small Heart Necklace. The prints are always so delicate and detailed on the necklace.

If you had to sum up your job at Hand on Heart in three words, what would you say? 

Rewarding. Creative. Friendly.

What’s an interesting or unexpected fact about you that people might not know?

My hands are double-jointed. Very double-jointed…

Thanks for chatting with us, Lauran! We’re so proud that many of our team members have worked at Hand on Heart for years, and Lauran is one of them, having been with us for eight years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work of our amazing team, so it’s been interesting to hear more about Lauran’s day-to-day life at Hand on Heart (and her double-jointed hands!)

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