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How To Take Photos Of Prints

So you’ve placed your order, and you’ve received some printing kits to take your child’s or pet’s prints with. After you’ve mastered the print taking we have one more thing for you to do, get the prints to us.

It’s quicker to email us images of your prints, and we understand that not everyone has the facilities to scan a document, so here is a quick guide to the dos and don'ts of photographing your prints!

All the photos below were taken on an iPhone 6, just to show you that the designers can work with images taken on your phone.

  1. Take your picture in good light. By a window or next to a bright lamp helps to reduce shadowing across the prints.

Bad Foot 2.jpg

A bad example of a footprints, the photo is not well lit so there is a shadow on one side of the print and the creases in the paper can be seen.

Good Foot.jpg

Here is a good example of a foot print. It is taken next to a window, and a lamp was used to light up the other side so no dark areas are visible.

  1. Take a birdseye view of the prints.

Angled Hand.jpg

This photo of a handprint was taken at an angle, this makes the palm of the print very large in comparison to the length of the fingers. Our designers cannot correct this therefore the print will look distorted on the jewellery.

Non-Angled Hand.jpg

Here is a birdseye view of the same handprint and as you can see the proportions are much better.

  1. Make sure the print is in focus so the designers can get as much detail as possible out of the print.

  1. Our designers are used to messy prints, from fidgety toddlers, tiny newborn hands, and energetic pups, but how you take a photograph of the prints makes all the difference.

Dark Messy Hand.jpg

This image is at a slight angle with a shadow on one side of the print, this makes it look out of focus. Our designers would have a difficult job editing this to be engraved onto jewellery or impressed into silver.

Good Messy Hand.jpg

This is the same image but taken in good light and at a good angle, you can see the difference it makes!

Here at Hand on Heart we like things to be perfect, including the proportions of the prints on our jewellery. If you have ordered a piece for two or more children, we’d love to know how old they are and how their prints compare in size. Please let us know the ages when you email, or take a picture of the entire print kit as it’s very difficult to see the size in a cropped image.

Big Image.jpg

Email your prints to, along with your order number and the name and age of the person or pet that the print belongs to.