Who is your VIP?

A VIP is usually someone who enjoys the glitz and glamour of expensive parties and access to the most exclusive clubs. They’re usually fantastically rich and famous and hang around all the cool scenes.

But thats not the type of VIP we want to talk about today. We want to discuss the real VIPs; the people who define the meaning of the words, 'very important'. Or at least to us, they do.

We all have VIPs, even if some of us don't fully appreciate what they do for us. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what makes someone so important in our lives.

It would be easy to think that someone has to be there all day every day, or do a life-changing act, to be considered a VIP. But that’s not the case at all.

It's how they make us stronger, happier, more able to face the world's challenges head on. Thats what makes someone our VIP.

Most of us like to think of life as a combination of big events, whereas actually it’s more like a string of thousands and thousands of moments. Some moments may seem bigger than others; some are definitely more memorable. But if they’re all just individual threads in a larger tapestry, what makes one more special than another?

It’s the people that we share those moments with. Those people who make a bad moment bearable, or a good moment great. The people who light up moments with a smile or touch. And the people who can ruin a moment by causing a tear.

Family? Partner? Friend? Maybe even a pet. Anyone has the potential to be your VIP, it just depends on what you mean to them and more importantly, what they mean to you.

Today, is VIP Day at Hand on Heart Jewellery and we’re making the most of the opportunity to say thank you to those people who make our lives feel whole or complete.

We’re running a competition that gives people the chance to win a product of their choice from the VIP page of the Hand on Heart Jewellery website. Importantly though, as much as the competition is a fantastic way to get someone a present that truly shows how you feel this Christmas, it’s more about letting your VIP know how much you appreciate everything they do for you.

To enter the competition, we’re asking people to tag their VIP in a comment on our competition post on Facebook and tell us why their VIP is so important to them. Because if you can’t tell them on VIP day, when can you?

Remember, only people who are registered as HoH VIPs can enter the competition (as only VIPs can pick their prize) so don’t forget to sign up before entering.

Happy VIP Day from all at Hand on Heart Jewellery.