Team HoHH

2016 has been a year of substantial growth for Hand on Heart Jewellery. Alongside a move to a brand new studio in Hackthorpe, and the opening of a separate marketing office in Keighley, the company has seen staff numbers increase significantly.

New designers, customer service team members and further administration staff have helped streamline HoH’s operation. This has allowed us to sell more products at the same high quality our customers expect from us.

In order to facilitate this growth, we needed new additions to our already-successful marketing team. Head of Growth and Digital Commerce, Rob Owlett said that he wanted to invest in the best people, both in terms of their ability as marketers and their desire to succeed in the right way.

Team HoH

The first of the recruitments was Charlotte Griffin, our brand new Acquisition Marketing Manager. Charlotte has come to Hand on Heart with fantastic credentials, boasting a strong agency background. Her previous role was as Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Leeds-based TwentySix.

Charlotte’s role going forward will be to lead the strategy and implementation of the customer acquisition marketing plan, wIth a big focus on introducing new channels such as affiliates.

Her task is to introduce the HoH brand out to as many people as possible. Charlotte will have control over the affiliate channel, outreach strategy and will aim to build partnerships with relevant businesses and charities. She will also look to support the rest of the marketing team in driving brand awareness and revenue, with projects such as the recent #searchforsanta social media campaign.

We asked Charlotte why she had decided to make the move to the marketing team at Hand on Heart;

The main driver for my move was that I wanted to experience an in house role after previously being agency side. When I spotted the job at HoH I was immediately drawn to the brand and products. After working on a wide range of different brands from finance to travel in my previous role the thought of working for a brand which created products that brought so much happiness and comfort to customers was particularly appealing. However, meeting Amanda (Dixon, Managing Director) and Rob and seeing their commitment and enthusiasm for the brand was the biggest pull for me. I could see how much they believed in HoH and cared for both the business and their customers.

Charlotte Griffin HoH

Charlotte is already excited about the prospect of her first 18 months at HoH. When we asked her what she was most looking forward to, she told us;

The growth! Already in the 3 months since I started at HoH we have seen a record day in terms of revenue. The opportunities are endless and we are just starting to scratch the surface, both with the products and marketing channels. In my opinion there is no better place to work than somewhere where you can be having record days, seeing new products launched and still be providing a service and product which people love every day!

Hand on Heart Jewellery are delighted to welcome Charlotte on board. If you would like to discuss the possibility of being an HoH affiliate, or anything else to do with our acquisition marketing channels, you can email Charlotte at