Those precious first years are when you pick your child up from a day at school and they immediately show you the work they produced for that particular day with an impeccable beam across their face. To every parent, that is a priceless moment and probably one of the perks of their role, witnessing their baby blossom into a one of a kind genius. This month, we are celebrating childrens drawings and discuss some amazing ways how you can celebrate and treasure your childrens efforts forever.

How do you celebrate your childrens drawings or as you would say ‘works of art’? It is important to let your chilldren know how proud you are of their talents. Pinning your childrens paintings at your workplace is a lovely idea to remind yourself of what to look forward to after that daily grind. Sticking their efforts onto the front of the fridge is another popular place where everyone in the family can see what has been created recently. It is an opportunity to keep praising your loved ones about how well they are doing at school which will only be an amazing booster for them.

As the years pass, the next question is always: what do I do with all these samples of art? I don’t have the room to store it? Some parents choose to dispose the majority of their childrens drawings whilst others put them all in a storage container and place it up in the attic which will probably not been seen for decades. There are many ways to celebrate the most important years of your children’s childhood without having that negative end.


Artwork Album

There are many places you can go which sell large scale sketchbooks or portfolios. How satisfying would it be to go through some of your childrens masterpieces and file them in a clean crisp laminate? By filing all your childrens drawings, it can be accessible and seen by all the family, anytime. How lovely would it be for the grandparents to see their precious grandchild's recent efforts at school? With this method, it provides many happy memories.

Go Digital

The world is virtually going paperless so an idea would be to scan your children’s drawings to your personal computer so you would have them on file forever. Then if you choose to recycle some of some of the documents due to limited storage in the house, you can do so without that horrific guilt.

Frame It

Is there a particular piece of artwork which you are most fond of and not sure how to give it that favourable status? It is a lovely reminder to choose a nice frame to suit the piece of art and hang in a place where all the family can see it. The location of the place is up to you but many parents like to hang their childrens drawings in their child’s room. It is a reward for them to see their work being appreciated so much by their parents.

Convert your Childrens Drawings to Jewellery

If you want to keep a previous memory closer to your heart, why don’t you have your childrens drawing engraved onto jewellery? We know important it is to keep those lovely memories alive and last forever. We provide a wide range of sterling silver and stainless steel jewellery that can feature your children's drawing through special handcrafted and engraved methods developed by our excellent design team. From cufflinks, keyrings to necklaces, we cater for every taste. Whether you are wanting to gift a daddy with some keepsake childrens drawing cufflinks from his little fella or give mummy a pretty little necklace featuring her daughters cute “I love mummy” handwriting, we can produce a special piece for your family.

Our childrens drawing jewellery range is split into 2 categories; Artwork and Handwriting. The possibilities are endless and our design team are always happy to help with any special enquiries you may have. Our most popular item is the engraved childrens drawing charm bead which is pandora compatible and can feature an original illustration from your child, engraved into sterling silver. Our childrens drawing products make a wonderful gift for Dads too, some of our favourites can be viewed in the personalised mens jewellery range.