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Here at Hand on Heart one of the things we enjoy most is discovering what cute or unique names children have been given. Most of our products include at least one name so after a while we start to identify the popular names and the rare ones! Some children are named after celebrities or their children and we’ve had some prints arrive with the child named after characters from programmes such as Game of Thrones and even Disney characters.

We have taken a look at the Office for National Statistics Baby Name List for 2015 and our more popular names are definitely some of the top names on that list.

For the girls, our top 10 names for 2015 are:

  • Amelia

  • Olivia

  • Isla

  • Emily

  • Poppy

  • Ava

  • Isabella

  • Jessica

  • Lily

  • Sophie

  • For boys, our top 10 names for 2015 are: 

  • Oliver

  • Jack

  • Harry

  • Jacob

  • Charlie

  • Thomas

  • George

  • Oscar

  • James

  • William


Whether people choose to name their new family member with the meaning in mind or not, a lot of them have quite similar meanings. For example, the top girls names have powerful yet delicate meanings such as bird/life (Ava), purity (Lily) and wisdom (Sophie) and the boys have strong and providing meanings such as supplanter (Jacob/James), farmer (George) and divine strength (Oscar).

We sell a lot of products that can be personalised with names and no hand or fingerprints required:

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