Whether you have a new born baby, a bouncy puppy or even teenage children, taking handprints for handprint jewellery couldn't be easier with our mess-free printing kits.  Once we receive your order, we will dispatch a printing kit to you within 1 working day.  The kits are dispatched by first class post and include FREE return postage* to the Studio (*UK mainland only).

Our printing kits are suitable for ages 0 - 101!

Baby handprints

Perfect baby handprints


Hand printing kit

Handprinting kit

Each handprinting kit will contain 1 x wipe, 1 x piece of special printing paper, full instructions, brochure and return envelope.  You will receive one kit per child or pet eg,if you place an order for a piece with two childrens prints, you will receive 2 x kits.

Before starting, check that you have everything ready and hands, feet (or paws!) are clean and dry.  Make sure your special printing paper is the right way up and resting on a hard surface, such as a book or table.

Child wiping hand for handprinting

Step 1 - Take the wipe out of the foil wrapper and wipe over the palm (or sole of the foot for a footprint), ensuring you cover all fingers or toes.  You will see a faint yellow oil on the hand but no ink.

Taking a babys handprint

Step 2 - Gently press the hand, foot or paw onto the special paper and count to 3.

Making childrens handprints

Step 3 - Lift the hand up and you will see your print!  You can repeat the process, covering the whole paper in prints if you like!  Wash the hand with warm, soapy water.

Baby footprints

 Footprint detail 

Once you're done, fill in the form on the back of the printing kit with your name, child's name and any other details.  If you have taken a few prints on one piece of paper, feel free to write names next to the prints you have taken- some people like to *star* their preferred print.

returning handprint kit

Returning the prints...

You can either pop the prints in a post box using the enclosed return envelope or you can email the prints to studio@handonheartjewellery.co.uk quoting your order number/names.

Once the we receive your prints, we will let you know via email and confirm your estimated dispatch date for your finished jewellery.  Don't forget, you can track your order right through our process by logging into your account here.

Pandora compatible bead with handprint 

 Finished bead with child's handprint


Ready to get started?  We can transfer your childs handprint onto charm beads to fit Pandora, necklaces, keyrings, cufflinks and more.  View our range of personalised handprint jewellery

Handprinting kits also make the perfect new baby gift!  You can purchase additional handprint kits at any time.