The day is nearly upon us where we show our appreciation and gratitude towards our fantastic fathers. From bringing us into the world and nurturing us into the individuals we are today, Fathers Day is a worldwide annual celebration that dedicates one day to one of our number ones. Although Fathers Day in the Americas and Australia is a different time of the year to the UK, it is an occasion to simply remind us and put life into perspective that we should treasure every moment we have with our families.

Fathers Day this year

The first Father's Day celebration was officially held in 1910 in Washington, United States. Before that day, Mothers Day was a celebration that had already existed so it was one family who started the movement to have an official day to celebrate fathers and male parenting. The grandfather of that family raised six children on his own which officially encouraged the celebration to be born. Ever since 1910, it has spread to neighboring countries and is an official day which takes place on a Sunday during June in the UK. This Fathers Day 2016 will be June 19th which is a matter of weeks away which leaves you with plenty of time to organise a special day for your beloved father and the rest of the family.

Grandads too!

Grandads are always incredibly wise gentleman and are another father figure who have helped you grow up to the person you are today. Whether they are here in person or spirit, they always teach you the way of the world and are forever with you. It is so important to always touch base with grandparents as they think of you always as the day goes by and with more time on their hands since retirement, they miss you as the weeks go by. Some families are lucky to have their grandad close to home. Due to family relocations, many people often find to be far away from their original home place and not be able to see their grandparents as often as they would like. Overall, Fathers Day is a day to honour those father figures in your life who you love dearly.

Event planning

Every family likes to celebrate in their own way when it comes to getting together on Fathers Day. Many families can be separated from their loved ones due to work commitments, holidays abroad and so on. The wonder of technology is highly resourceful in this case as families can be brought together on many different video hosting platforms and be reunited instantly. If you want to plan a special day for your father and the rest of the family but not sure on what to do, we have a few suggestions that will make your dads day.

When the sun is shining

If the weather is wonderful, how about taking the celebrations outdoors? You could host a family BBQ in the sunshine with your family members where you can soak in those sunrays whilst enjoying summer themed delicacies. Walking in the outdoors is another great activity to do with your friends and family during Fathers Day. Depending on the area you live in, you can talk a walk in the countryside by walking out your door or taking a short drive to a local nature reserve. Overall when the weather is glorious, you can do just about any type of outdoor activity that you heart desires. Many fathers enjoy a long bike ride which is another activity you can do to have that quality bonding time.

When its rather cold outside

Sometimes when the weather is not how you expected it, which in typical british fashion, can occur quite frequently, it is always good to think of alternative plan b’s! As they say, there is nothing better than mums cooking. Homemade food prepared by your mother is always the best way to dine in at home for a special occasion like Fathers Day. Whether it is a roast dinner or another traditional family dish, it is a heartwarming way to bring all the family together. If you fancy giving your mum a well derserved break from the cooking, why not have a lovely family meal at one of your favourite restaurants? Sometimes nothing beats proper grub in a warm, cosy local pub.

There we have it, from a bit of a background to how the Fathers Day celebration started and a few ways of how you can plan a special event for the father figures in your life, we hope that little informative piece helped provide some inspiration and a gentle reminder to those who were unsure of the day Fathers Day falls on this year. Lastly, we have some exciting new products to be launched, just in time for Fathers Day 2016 here at Hand on Heart Jewellery. Gift your one in a million with a treasured, keepsake piece of personalised jewellery for him with your handprints, footprints, fingerprints, pawprints and even your childrens drawings. There will be an upcoming event to sign up to these exclusive products, so keep posted on our site for our VIP Fathers Day email sign up.

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