Valentine’s Day has developed something of a clunky reputation over recent years. It’s come a long way from its titular pre-Christian, pagan-spanking origins to say the least. These days V Day is the world’s own Marmite; cherished and despised in equal measure.

But how can such a romantic day be hated at all, we hear you cry? Here’s our theory: We’re doing it wrong.

When we were young, Valentine’s Day belonged to the romantic hopefuls. It was the day you sent the object of your affection a token of your esteemed love - usually in the form of a card with a rhyme enclosed and it was always sent anonymously.

It was agony of course, because then there was the worry that your sweetheart might guess it was you who had sent it and wouldn’t feel the same. Or they would guess wrong and append your love to someone else. Then there was the other side of the coin which involved you sat by the door waiting to see if the postman had any love notes for you in return. It was traumatising affair really, when you look back on it.

Somewhere between then and now, we’re not sure when, Valentine’s Day got hijacked by couples; suddenly it was only relevant to you if you were in one. If you were... great! Your V Day destiny was one of candle-lit carpet picnics, soppy kisses, sparkling gifts and a soundtrack provided by Barry White. If you weren’t – well, if our non-coupled up February 14ths were anything to go by, it involved a Bridget Jones DVD and a bucket load of wine.

Everyone on Team Hand on Heart has sat on both sides of the modern Valentine’s Day fence and we all know which side has the greener grass... It’s the side with the love on it.


We want to start a V Day revolution!

So here’s the thing – we want to start a V Day revolution. Why should lovers get to have all the fun? Let’s reclaim Valentine’s Day for all and make it a day to celebrate love in all its guises. A day to tell someone, anyone you hold dear, that your life is richer for having them in it; your sister, your granddad, your niece, your fairy godmother, your best friends, your hamster – whoever you can’t live without. Get them a gift. Give them a call. Send them a card. Tell them on Facebook. Take them out. Let’s spread some of those hearts and flowers around. #ValentinesForAll

What do you think? Will you be sending a little bit of Valentine's love in the direction of your family and friends this year? Let us know in the comments section below - we love hearing from you! 


HoHKate x

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