Man and dog

Saying goodbye is always the hardest obstacle to overcome when faced with losing a much loved pet. Whether it is the immediate attention you receive when you walk through the front door after a long day at work or the excitement you experience from your beloved dog when you mention ‘walkies’, dealing without having one of your best friends by your side is one of the hardest times to go through. Remembering all the good times you shared with your companion in the past years is always the best way to deal with the grief if heaven took your angel suddenly or even you dearly miss your pet while you are away from home

Make a Collage

Creating a special mosaic tribute to your special friend can make your room a little more vibrant and use up some space if you have a few empty walls! To get some reasonable photos printed, you can order online or visit a retailer, for example Costco, and get a big batch of photos ready to be used. Once you have your photos, you can start decorating by overlapping each of you pictures to create a rectangular or square shape. If you are feeling adventurous, why not mould your photos into a heart shape?

Visiting them Regularly

Make trips to go and visit your cherished one’s rest place when you can. This is an ideal time to have the chance to relax in peace whilst telling them what you have been up to and dedicating time in your hectic timetable to spend with your precious pet. It may be a lovely idea to take some fresh flowers to rest on their stone or to plant seasonal flowers that will bloom throughout the year and keep your loved one’s spirit alive.

Go on the Same Walks You Went on

Relating to dog lovers here, it is always sentimental to tread the same path you and your best friend walked down in the past to relive those perfect memories. How about bring a friend along with you to share that precious moment?

New Beginnings

When the dust has settled over a period of time and you feel that a new addition to the family would make the house feel more like a home again, it would be a good time to look for a new member of the family whether it would be the same breed your loved one was or maybe go for a new alternative. It is easy to feel extremely guilty within the process as it automatically feels a cruel way by starting a fresh. Sometimes the best way to mend a broken heart is to look to the future and start new journeys.

Keep a Little Piece Of Their Soul

Keeping those loved ones close to you is the best way to heal your broken heart. Some people choose to keep a clipping of their pet’s fur or hair as a little reminder of their friend which they will retain forever. Taking a picture of your pet and putting it into a locket is another idea that will put a smile on your face and take your friend with you on your journeys forever. Keeping your pet's collar and name tags are other sentimental items which you can keep to know they will be remembered forever. Maybe hang your pet’s collar up near their old environment and add their name tags to your car keys as a suggestion?

How We Can Help You

It may feel like you are embarking on different paths once your beloved pet goes to heaven but in reality, they will be with you every step of the way, forever. With our bespoke, keepsake jewellery, we can help create a timeless piece of sterling silver jewellery for you that will last a lifetime. We have a beautiful collection that has a little something for everyone including necklaces, bracelets, keyrings, Pandora compatible charms, cufflinks and many more. The beauty about our process is the ability to preserve your loved one’s paw prints in the highest quality sterling silver or stainless steel. The two techniques we use is either the handcrafted technique or the engraved process. Both methods are a wonderful way to personalise your jewellery with your loved one’s unique paw print and let your memories run through your life and by remembering the good times helps you keep smiling, even during the darkest hours.

Pet memorial Jewellery

Another new addition we have is the ability to preserve your pet’s noses and turn those into a pretty keyring or a memorable keychain. The jewellery is cast in true bronze and makes a perfect memorial gift for a special someone who you know is going through a hard time.

pet nose keyring