Pets are part of the family and paw print Jewellery is the perfect way to create a keepsake as special as them. Every piece of paw print Jewellery is made using the true print of your four-legged friend - no paw is too big! There is a huge range of beautiful keepsakes, Jewellery and gifts to chose from. To give you a hand in deciding, we have picked a few of our favorite items suitable for any lady;




Pet lovers gifts



1 – Large double paw print heart necklace £125. This sterling silver necklace is perfect for two pets and names - perfect for owners of two dogs.


2 – Paw print Pandora style dangle charm £69. The perfect gift for the pet lover with a ‘Pandora’ bracelet.  These silver charms simply slide onto the bracelet.


3 – Paw print heart charm necklace £95.  A classic love heart charm with your pets paw print and name. 


4 – Engraved duo paw print necklace £80.  This sterling silver necklace has two charms, each with a paw print on one side and a name on the reverse.


Don’t forget that every piece comes with a free print kit to take the prints.  The whole process is easy – simply order online, take the prints using the kit, return and then we will create your unique paw print Jewellery.

You can view our range of paw print Jewellery here.