By Amanda, Managing Director

Bella is a 6 month old Lhasa Apso who became part of our Family last September. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really know much about the breed until last year. We knew that we wanted a small dog and although I have always wanted a Dachshund my Husband wasn’t so keen.  

We visited Crufts last year as visitors (after exhibiting the previous two years with Hand on Heart Jewellery and loved the Discover Dogs section.)  If you are thinking of getting a dog, I can’t recommend visiting enough. You will find every breed of dog you can think of, all there with very knowledgeable breeders ready to answer any questions you may have.

By the end of the summer, we had decided that a Lhasa Apso looked like the perfect breed for us. They are lovely little dogs, originally bred by Tibetan Monks to sound the alarm if any unwanted intruders should approach - including lions!  I can well believe this Bella shows her ‘guard dog’ nature all the time - she hates any doors being closed and is always on the look out for anything shes sees as a threat to her Family. She will bark at anything she sees as a threat….and will then run and hide, her warning to us (as far as she’s concerned) is her job done!

Although she is a Family dog and we all love her to bits, her Mummy is really my 8 year old daughter, Hannah.  Hannah and Bella already have a bond that makes my heart melt, they are truly best friends, companions and playmates.  

Of course, Hannah was desperate for Bella's paw print on a piece of jewellery so for Christmas I made her a beautiful little silver charm engraved with Bella's paw print.  The back of the charm is engraved with ‘Bella’.  I attached the finished paw print charm to a silver necklace.  View a similar Pawprint Necklace.

Hannah loves her Paw Print necklace and she puts it on everyday after School.  As Bella has such hairy paws, I did wonder if I should trim around her pads to get a good print, but there was no need at all.  As she’s only small, I took the paw prints with a paw printing kit whilst holding her, putting the piece of paper on the table.  

We managed to clean up any fur that had transferred to the printing paper when we edited the paw print in the design process and the print came out perfectly! When I take paw prints of bigger dogs, I tend to put the printing paper on the floor and let the dog ‘walk’ on the paper.  If the dog isn’t cooperating, a good trick is the arm yourself with a treat.  

I really need to sort out a paw print keyring for myself now.  As with all paw prints, we have a saved copy so I can use the same prints to make the paw print keyring.