By Lauran, Production and Design Assistant


This post  is a bit about my much loved and very missed pooch, Mac! We lost Mac at the beginning of the year which wasn’t easy, but I’m going to tell you all a few of the good memories my family have about him.


Mac was a black labrador and typical to the nature of the breed loved people but loved his food more. My sister and I had no idea we were getting a puppy until we came home from school one day, Dad put the TV on and there was a litter of puppies scurrying around on the screen. He pointed to the smallest of the litter that had a tippex mark between his shoulder blades and told us he was going be coming home with us. I cried like a baby and my sister squealed with excitement! We picked him up when he was 8 weeks old and took him home for cuddles and that was it, he was ours!

Why did you call him Mac?

The name choosing process was quite difficult with my family. As a kid I first wanted to call him ‘Velvet’ because he had ridiculously soft ears but that was soon turned down by my Dad who told us it had to be a name of one syllable - as he was going to be a working gun dog and it needed to be easy to shout and to hear. Eventually Dad wanted Max and we all wanted Mac so we put the names in a hat and one was selected - Max! But, Dad had cheated and filled the hat with Max and taken ours out so we decided he would be called Mac from then on.

What’s the craziest thing Mac did?

When he was younger he did lots of crazy things! One thing we will all remember forever was what he did in the summer. There was a barley field outside our house and Mac would run around in there. He used to get lost in it so to get his bearing he would jump up above the barley as he ran. We would watch him in hysterics as his head would pop up and look around to find the house.

Who was Mac most loyal to?

I think Mac was pretty loyal to all of us but if it had to be one person it would be my Dad. From the day we brought him home he would follow him wherever he went (as long as it was somewhere he was allowed to go). We used to joke and say that because he was black he was dads little shadow! He took him to work with him every day too and there were little marks on the windscreen where he would jolt forward and hit it with his nose when Dad braked. He truely was ‘mans best friend’ to my Dad.

Do you have piece of jewellery to remember Mac?

I decided to get a piece of memorial jewellery to remember him by and because I wanted to wear it every day I chose the paw print heart necklace.

When I first started working at Hand on Heart I asked if I could take an inkless printing kit home with me. As he was an old dog I thought it best to get his prints sooner rather than later. The whole process was a lot easier than I expected it to be - all I had to do was wipe his paw with the wipe included in the kit and place his paw onto the specially treated paper and voila! I had a paw print! I chose to keep the messy fur prints when making my jewellery, normally I would neaten this up but it seemed to make the charm even more special to me.

Watching the whole process from start to finish made me fully appreciate the jewellery we make here and I can understand the sentimental value of it to customers. We don’t just make pet memorial jewellery, but any jewellery from our paw print jewellery range makes the perfect gift for her or for him. The charm itself is the perfect size and captures Mac’s print perfectly!

mac charm 4.jpgmac charm 1.jpgmac charm 3.jpg