By Ellie, Production and Marketing Assistant


Meet Mrs Biggins, yes it’s a peculiar name but the one she had when I rescued her from a shelter near Kendal in Cumbria. It’s often shortened to Biggins, Biggs and Bebe.


What made you pick Mrs Biggins?

Biggins was 18 months old when I came across her, and only after many unsuccessful searches of shelters and rescue centres did I find her. Of every cat I’d been shown and had the opportunity to stroke Biggins was the only one to be more excited to see me than I was to see her.

For the first few weeks she hid under the coffee table and would only come out to me and the invitation of a cuddle. She soon came out of her shell, and is now a firm part of our family. She likes to sit on the doorstep and ignore all pleas for her to come in before bedtime, she'll run to meet you when you return from work in hope of being fed, and she'll try to attack your feet when you walk by to get attention, but we don’t love her any less.

Who is Mrs Biggins most loyal to?

Definitely my dad. He’s the first up so feeds her first thing and lets her out. She’ll always choose his knee to sit on when given the choice, and she sits on his desk watching him work on an evening.

What’s the craziest thing Mrs Biggins does?

Biggins has the inability to eat out of a bowl. She will pick the food up in her mouth, drop it on the mat next to her bowl and eat it off the floor. We have even tried giving her a plate, but she just slides it off the edge. It’s a never ending cycle of feeding the cat, and then cleaning her mat.

Do you have jewellery with Mrs Biggins’ prints on?

I do have a piece of paw print jewellery, I have a round paw print charm necklace with Biggins’ paw on. It was really simple to get the prints and make the jewellery, I used one of the paw printing kits and took a single print. I was lucky to get a good print first time as she hated taking prints, she decided she’d had enough and took off into her bed.

Charm Necklace.jpg

I chose the round paw print charm as I wanted something small and simple, trying to fit ‘Mrs Biggins’ on the front of a heart would have been quite the mission. I took the print and pressed the stamp into silver clay, after sanding, kilning and polishing I had my paw print jewellery ready to wear. It’s a perfect gift for her

Print.jpgClay.jpgTo Sand.jpgSanded.jpg

I wear my necklace almost every day, and people often ask me what is it and where I got it. I’m happy to say it’s my cats paw, and I had it made at Hand on Heart Jewellery.