Not many people know that Hand on Heart originally started as a Fingerprint Jewellery company and the hand and footprint products came from that.  Within the first year of trading, our handprint jewellery was outselling the fingerprint jewellery range 20-1, mostly down to the fact that handprints and footprints can be used from any age child, whereas fingerprints aren’t really recommended for children under the age of 8.

Although every child is born with fingerprints, they are so tiny that they don’t really become defined until the child is around 8 years.  Having said that, this does vary and we have been very successful in making fingerprint jewellery for babies as young as a few months old.  

Over the last year, the popularity of fingerprint jewellery has grown and we had received a lot of requests for Hand-crafted Fingerprint necklaces and charms.  We have been very keen to expand our fingerprint range but really wanted to develop a print taking process that was quick, easy and effective and captured as much detail of the fingerprint as possible.

Fingerprint Jewellery is normally made using an impression taken with molding putty which is posted to you for you to take the print and return, however the flaw with this method is that the print has to be transferred 3 times - once into the putty, then into the impression and then into the silver.  During this 3 step process, it is inevitable that some of the detail will be lost.

Another way to take fingerprints is using an inkless kit (similar to our handprinting kits), however we find that this process works best for adults.

So we put our heads together and started to experiment!  After a bit of trial and error, we discovered that 3 simple household items are all that is needed to be able to take the perfect fingerprint!  They are;

    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • Sticky tape

It’s so easy!  By simply scribbling pencil on a piece of paper, darkening the finger and then using the sticky tape to transfer the fingerprint to the white piece of paper, you can create a very detailed print that putty or inkless printing kits can’t capture!

As well as being a very effective way of getting a detailed fingerprint, this easy process is also great as it allows you to try taking a fingerprint before ordering.  You will instantly be able to see the detail from the print on the paper.  This is especially handy if you want to try taking a fingerprint from a baby or younger child to see if there is any detail.

You can read how to take fingerprints for jewellery here or watch our instructional video below.

Ready to check out our unique Fingerprint Range?  We have fingerprint necklaces, fingerprint cufflinks, charms and more.