Meet Lauran, our newest Handprint Jewellery Designer at Hand on Heart.

Handprint Jewelley designer photograph 

When did you start at Hand on Heart Jewellery?

I joined the Hand on Heart team at the beginning of December, so I really was thrown in at the deep end! I had to pick things up really quickly which was exciting.

What does your job entail?

We all help each other when we can but my main duties include editing the prints we receive into the studio each day, making both handcrafted jewellery and engraved jewellery and packing my work ready to be dispatched.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Each day is slightly different depending on what orders I have, but I always start by going through my files and pulling out the day's work.

I then check the handprints in each file to make sure they are suitable to use. Each handprint is then edited in photoshop with any smudges removed to leave a perfect handprint.

Once the prints are edited, I can begin polishing the handcrafted jewellery which is to be dispatched that afternoon. This takes quite a long time as there are a variety of stages to the polishing process. Once each charm is nice and shiny, I move onto the engraved jewellery for the day. This is a little quicker to do but each piece is designed differently before the machine works its magic. Every item is different so remembering them all can be difficult.

Finally, once my work for the day is made and I’m happy with it, I can begin packing and dispatching. Each order is packaged in tissue with beautiful hand on heart ribbon and stickers so when the customer receives their package it’s exciting to open!

What is your favourite Hand on Heart piece?

I love so many of the pieces but my favourite is the handcrafted paw print pandora-style charm. Each paw print is so different in shape and size, once they are imprinted into the silver with their name they look so special and unique.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy editing the prints before they are put into production. The inkless print kit makes it so easy for customers to capture the handprint of a family member or a pet easily and mess free. The baby footprints are my favourite to edit. They are so small and normally full of wrinkles! I know that once they have been used on our pieces they will be really special to a customer.