modern day parenting


Parenting has always come with its own unique set of issues, but modern parenting challenges are above and beyond any previous generations of parents have had to deal with.


Here's 7 daily challenges us 21st century parents face everyday:

 1.         Annoying TV shows: When we were young there were four channels, and kids’ programmes were only on for a few hours a day. The biggest treat of the weekend was watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Today’s parents are subjected to an onslaught of annoying TV shows with countless songs that get stuck in their heads like Technicolour ear worms. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bombardment continues away from the TV and computer, with clothing, toys, and random items emblazoned with characters to entice your child to demand more.

2.         Tech beyond your ability: Many modern parents - especially those of teenagers, are old enough to remember the most high tech object in the house was a cordless phone. Today’s tech is tomorrow’s expensive paperweight, but while parents struggle to keep up their use it as easily as if it were cutlery - better in some cases.

3.         Guilt about Everything: Never mind access to internet forums being bad for children, they are terrible for parents. Instead of having to deal with one mother judging you for letting your child sit in in the front seat, or have fast food for a weekly treat, you have a world of parents to compare parenting skills against.

4.         The rise of the Fussy Eater: Raise your hand if you find yourself cooking more than one meal to suit different tastes.1980s children were raised on a diet of fish fingers and E-numbers, but they were healthier than 21st Century children who have more choice than ever, and who are the fussiest eaters in history.

5.         Social Media Syndrome: Social media is as much a part of a Generation-Z’s life as their parents are. If not religiously monitored it can become relentlessly open portal for trouble to make its way through in nasty comments, shared photos, and inappropriate conversations.

6.         Age of Entitlement: Gone are the days when children had paper rounds and did chores to earn money for treats, and when gifts were something children only received on their birthday or at Christmas. Modern children expect - and are frequently given - what they want, when they want it, whether it is a toy, or their parents’ undivided attention.

7.         Overthinking Things: Modern parents overthink everything. Will their child get into a good school and, if not, are their lives ruined before they are even five years old? Is that other parent judging you for letting your child eat a chocolate biscuit, or for holding their fork like a shovel? Is your child being bullied? Are they are bully? Why didn’t they get chosen as Star of the Week, or invited to that birthday party? The list goes on, and it’s exhausting!

Take comfort from knowing that as much as things change, so they stay the same. You might read their bedtime story from your tablet instead of an actual book, but you still read to them. The love a parent feels for their child is timeless.

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