Hand on Heart Jewellery Studio

2016 has continued a trend of incredible growth for Hand on Heart Jewellery. Under the leadership of our Managing Director, Amanda Dixon, we have achieved record sales figures as well as new levels of brand awareness and engagement.

In order to build on the stellar foundations already laid by people such as  Amanda and Rob Owlett (Head of Digital Commerce), we are organically growing our marketing department. Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the marketing department has already made use of the geographical links to the digital powerhouse of Leeds by bringing on board Charlotte Griffin as their Acquisition Marketing Manager.

Now, we have continued this process of expansion by hiring Sam Humphrey as our new Digital Campaign Manager. Sam’s previous role was as a Digital Content Manager at a prestigious Leeds based digital agency.

Sam’s role at Hand on Heart Jewellery will be to lead the campaign strategy and take ownership of social channels. He will be tasked with increasing revenue, brand awareness and repeat custom.

We asked Sam why he decided to make the move to the marketing team at Hand on Heart Jewellery;

‘For me, it was the responsibility in the desire for growth; of course HoH want to grow, but they want to do it in the right way and remain loyal to the people and practices that have got them to where they are today. I remember in my interview with Amanda, she was more focused on making sure that I would fit the brand rather than just increasing figures. For me, that was really refreshing. I think as well on a personal level, with a child on the way in December, it was important to choose a destination that I saw as long term.’

The next two years at Hand on Heart Jewellery look set to be the busiest to date. So what is Sam looking forward to the most?

‘Seeing Hand on Heart Jewellery become a household name! It’s incredible what Amanda, Heather (Cleghorn, Head of Production and Design) and Rob have done with the company in such a short space of time. The jewellery that we sell brings happiness and peace to so many people and it will be great to see it have a positive effect on even more.’

HoH are delighted to welcome Sam on board. He is now looking for bloggers and outreach opportunities for different campaigns. If you would like to discuss these, or any campaign related opportunities with Sam, you can email him at sam@handonheartjewellery.co.uk.