By Amanda

making a photo keyring

In anticipation of Father’s day, we recently ran a ‘Tag for Dad’ competition on our Facebook page.  The competition was to win Dad a handprint keyring from our Personalised gifts range, just in time for Father’s Day.  We had hundreds of entries, but there was one in particular that caught the eye of lots of our Facebook fans, many of whom, wanted to donate their entry to Claire.  




Very sadly, Baby Ariana lost her fight for life just 37 hours after being born with Edward’s Syndrome, a condition that affects a Baby's development.  Scot, Claires Husband, now fundraises to raise awareness of this condition and in the memory of his beautiful daughter, Ariana.  Read more about the Charity and Edward's Syndrome. 


facebook winner picture


Like many parents who have lost a baby, Claire had been given the hand and footprints of Baby Ariana in Hospital.  I don’t think that anyone who has been is this position can understand how precious these must be to Claire and her Husband, and obviously we would never want anyone to part with these, so Claire took a photograph of the prints and emailed the image to us.

Editing handprint

The prints were understandably a little smudged, so Designer Ellie spent time cleaning up the prints and optimising their quality for our process.  The print that Ellie is editing in the photo is actually Arianas right hand - she was missing a thumb and her fingers were slightly curved, which makes the print look like a left hand. 

Engraving machine

Once we were happy with the artwork, we then prepared to engrave the image onto the metal.  This is a tricky process and requires a very steady hand, good concentration and eye for detail as we position the machine in the exact right place. We always engrave with a diamond tip engraver head, which means that the surface of the metal is changed in texture and every tiny detail is captured - it always amazes me to watch these machines engrave.

Engraving handprints onto keyring

As you can see, the hand and footprint came out beautifully!  You can even see the tiny creases in the footprint.  These keyrings are polished to a mirror finish which is really hard to photograph, but they look stunning in the light.  

Keyring fitting

Once the engraving was finished, we attached to the keyring fitting using pliers.  We use the strongest fittings possible to ensure that the keyrings won't break, which means that a bit of muscle is needed opening these jump rings.  

photograph engraved onto keyring

As a special surprise, we also engraved Arianas photograph onto the reverse of the keyring which came out beautifully.  The engraving isn't in colour, but just white, which is amazing when you see the detail.  The finished keyring was gift wrapped up in our branded packaging and sent to Claire and Scot.


"Thank you again for this - no matter how many times I say it, it will never be enough!  This is so very much appreciated and it helps to keep our daughter's memory alive in so many ways."

Claire would like me to thank everyone for their kind words on our Facebook Page.  If you would like to leave a message, please leave a comment below.