Jordan and Hannah’s Story


Here at Hand on Heart Jewellery, a small number of customers come to us with unique requests for bespoke pieces of silver jewellery. Most of these bespoke jewellery pieces have stories that go with them. This is the story of Jordan and a gift for his girlfriend Hannah. 

Hannah’s horse, Lollipop, recently passed away so Jordan came to us with a request to have Lollipop’s blaze engraved onto a Heart Charm Necklace as a gift for her.


“I sent them a message to see if they would be able to design my idea; I had a reply from Katie very quickly to say it's nothing they have ever done before. She then spoke to the designer to see if they would be able to produce my unique design, they came back saying they could do it, great! All that was needed was a drawing or a computer designed picture of Lollie’s blaze, as soon as I sent the picture off Katie spoke to the designer and got it all put together on the computer and then sent me a picture of the final design that I loved.” - Jordan

In special cases such as this the designers like to send an image of the design before actually engraving the piece. Ellie designed the piece will all the information Jordan’s supplied and emailed it off for him to take a look. He loved it!

Front Design.jpgReverse Design.jpg

Like every other engraved piece of jewellery we create, the necklace was lovingly gift wrapped including Love Heart sweets and was with the customer in a couple of days.

“It is absolutely beautiful and so unique every time my girlfriend looks at it she has so many past memories all rolled up into one beautiful piece of jewellery. I am so grateful for what Hand on Heart have done and for creating a lasting memory... Beautiful jewellery, fantastic team of designers and brilliant staff that put me first every time so very grateful." - Jordan

IMG_3809 (1).JPG

“Thank you so so so so much. I am absolutely stunned/shocked by it, words cannot describe how perfect it is and how much of a beautiful reminder it is of my beloved boy. I cried when I opened it, so did my mum! You captured his famous 'lollipop' blaze perfectly.” - Hannah

Hearing how much someone appreciates the work we do here at Hand on Heart really does make our day, we love receiving emails and messages from happy customers. Tell us your personal story in the comments below.

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