Soundwave Jewellery and Gifts

We are so happy to introduce this wonderful and quirky range to the Hand on Heart Jewellery. Like a fingerprint, every sound wave it completely unique and every sound produces a soundwave. Each wave goes up and down depending on the pitch of the persons voice or the sound. This means that we can now capture so many more special moments in life. We have a lovely range of products such as keyrings, a heart necklace, cufflinks and a dog tag necklaces for men. The range was inspired by our wonderful followers on Facebook, who have suggested we created a items using soundwaves. So our product development team have been working hard to find a way to make this possible.


Soundwave Keyring with Message from Child

This truly unique Soundwave keyring holds the spoken message from a child -  ‘Daddy's the Best’. Simple, stunning and will be treasured for a lifetime.

All we need from you to be able to create this magical gift, is a short recording of a spoken message or the special sound you would like to capture. This can be done simply using a smart phone, either with the voice recorder or as a video. Keep the recording short, under 5 seconds is perfect, so the soundwave is not too large to fit on your chosen keepsake. The video or sound file can then be emailed straight to the studio and our designers can then set about turning this into your special keepsake. Each item comes with free delivery or you can choose the next day delivery option, making it an amazing quick gift for Birthdays, weddings or Father's day.

Sound wave cufflinks wedding gift

These stunning Soundwave Cufflinks are the ideal gift for your Husband to be. A short spoken message, or a snippet of your wedding vows recorded can be engraved along with a message.


There are so many great ideas, the list is really endless of what you can capture. From the heartbeat at an ultrasound, the first cry of a newborn baby to the ‘I do’ on your big day or even a special spoken message. Like a secret message, the sound wave will be total unique to you and you can then choose to reveal the hidden message and have this engraved below or on the reverse of all items. 

Soundwave Heart Beat Heart Necklace

The Soundwave Heart Necklace is the perfect way to capture baby’s heartbeat. Engraved on the reverse with message.

soundwave jewellery