Sunday June 19th is the day when Fathers all around the UK will be thoroughly spoilt with their children and other loved ones in the family. As highlighted in the previous blog, the history of Fathers Day and how it all began was discussed as well as various different things to do for the special day depending on what the weather will entail. In this post, we will be discussing different ideas on how to spoil your Dad with some lovely surprises on his special day.

Bake a Cake

Nothing beats a sweet treat, especially for Dads! Why not make your father a special sweet surprise for the occasion? Sure you will be aware of what his favourite filling would be, whether it is chocolate, victoria sponge, carrot, red velvet, coffee, the possibilities are endless. To differentiate the cake from a traditional treat, why not go to town with the decorations? Whether you have made a batch of yummy cupcakes or a large sponge cake, you can choose a funky colour icing and create lettering for the top of the cake.

Throw a Surprise Get Together

Getting together with the family is what life is all about. How about invite members of the family to your house who you don't see as often as you like? But remember, keeping it a surprise from your dad will make it even better so he is unaware that some of his relatives will be round the house for the day. It is up to you what kind of event you would like to throw, whether it is a family picnic or a Sunday roast dinner, always try to check the weather so your arrangements will not be affected by the rain or sun. If your father has any siblings, why not invite them? As they say, the more the merrier.

Spring Clean

Shake up your routine and give your Dad a helping hand this Fathers Day by getting stuck into a spring clean of the house. To keep it a secret from your dad, why not let him get out of the house for a bit with another family member whilst you get the house spick and span. This will guarantee a smile on your Dads face and a lovely surprise gesture that did not cost you anything apart from a few hours of your day. Anything to make your dad feel amazing is certainly worth it.

Car Wash

Boys and their toys. You know your Dads motorbike or vehicle is his pride and joy, it is bound to get a bit mucky so why not give it a deep clean? Add some sparkle to your Dads car by filling up two buckets of hot water, one with a scoop of car wax in and the other left alone. Get washing the car with the hot wax, getting rid of any unwanted marks before rinsing it with the clean, hot water at the end. If you have a power washer, that is even better! You can use that at the very end to blast any loose leftovers off the car including excess soap and leaves.

Keepsake Jewellery

Thinking about getting a personalised gift for Fathers Day but have run out of ideas of what to get him? Is the mug collection getting too out of hand as well as the amount of socks your dad owns? Not to worry, here at Hand on Heart Jewellery we do an extra special collection of personalised mens jewellery. If your dad likes to keep his cash in one place with a money clip, we do personalised money clips which can have your handprints, footprints or special drawings engraved onto the money clip. If Dad likes the odd bit of jewellery now and then, we do beautiful dog tag necklaces that can again feature sentimental footprints, handprints and pawprints to help him remember some wonderful moments. We do lots of other different personalised gifts for Dads including cufflinks, bracelets, rings, keyrings and many more.

We finish off with some exciting news just in time for Fathers Day 2016. We have a range of amazing new products due to be released in the next few days which are bound to make your Dads special day a moment to remember forever. Keep tuned via our twitter page and our other social channels to when exactly the Fathers Day jewellery will be released. In the meantime, we have some favourite pieces live on our website which are fondly loved by all of our customers.