Amanda Dixon hand on heart


By Amanda, Co-Founder

As a child, I always wanted to run a chocolate factory - who wouldn’t? I had great visions of chocolate lakes, little orange men and golden tickets to fill in the working day.  I can remember someone saying to me that I would get fed up of chocolate if I were surrounded by it all day.  I obviously declared them wrong  - I would have a job that I loved and would make people happy (chocolate does that!).

A few [cough] years on and I don’t have a chocolate factory.  Instead my days are filled with sparkly silver and making hand and footprints appear on silver charms.  As each order is placed and the handprints are received, it reminds us how different and unique everyone is.  From tiny babies, to grown adults, each handprint, footprint or fingerprint has a story behind it and no two prints are ever the same.


We’re very lucky as our Customers quite often give us an insight to the story of their silver charm, whether it’s for a special birthday, to commemorate a milestone or maybe a remembrance piece and this really bring each creation to life for us.


Of course, with the use of Social Media, we are now able to witness the response people have to their finished order.  There is no better feeling than seeing a piece that you created proudly being shown off.

Handprint jewellery reviews


Whilst baby footprints will always make my heart flutter, I love seeing prints from the older generation – I just think that there is something magical about capturing a piece of someone for an eternity.  I can image these precious pieces becoming heirlooms and being passed down from generation to generation.


If you would like to share the story behind your charm, please feel free to share on our facebook page.