1       Handprint jewellery is suitable for any age and size

Handprint jewellery is not limited to babies and small children by any means.  Each print is miniaturised, keeping unique detail which means even the biggest of hands can fit on the smallest silver charm.


2       Handprint jewellery is not just for babies

Handprint jewellery is a lovely way to create a keepsake of a parent or grandparent, a spouse, a best friend or an older child who has flown the nest!  We recently made a beautiful silver handprint charm bracelet for a lady who wanted a way to keep a piece of her 20 year old daughter with her whilst she traveled the world which we thought was a lovely sentiment.


3       Men love keepsakes too!

There’s a lovely range of keyrings, cufflinks and mens jewellery available to suit any proud dad.  Fancy something different?  Check out our ‘mini artist’ keyrings as a way to capture a special drawing!  Perfect for birthdays, Christmas or fathers day.


4       Taking prints is easy (and magic!)

Taking the prints has to be the best bit of the whole process.  People imagine lots of ink, paint, putty, clay and mess but our inkless printing kits couldn't be easier!  All hand, foot and paw print jewellery includes a free kit to take the prints.  The kit includes a wipe (imagine a baby wipe) and an A4 piece of special card.  Simply wipe over the hand, foot or paw and then print on the card.  The coating on the wipe only reacts with the special card so the hand remains ink free!  You can fill the card with prints and we will work with the best one.  Children love this part and we do too - it really is ‘magic’!


Handprint jewellery


5       Returning your prints to the Studio is FREE

Your kit includes a pre-paid envelope for you to return the prints - all you need to do is pop it into a post box.  You can also email the prints if you like.


6       Re-ordering is easy!

Generally, a copy of the prints is kept on file for two years, therefore if you decide to order again in the future we can re-use your prints, saving you time and energy.


7       You can use prints you already have

You may already have prints that you would like to use.  All we need is a copy emailing/posting to the Studio.  When ordering online, please select the 'I will provide you with prints I already have' option on the product page.


 8       Delivery is free and quick

As soon as we receive your order, your print kits will be dispatched by first class post.  You take and return the prints in the pre-paid envelope and then we get to work making your unique order.  We offer free UK delivery on all our products or you can upgrade to a priority service if you’re in a rush.  Engraved handprint jewellery and keyrings can be turned around in as little as 2-3 days!


9       Handprint Jewellery is handmade

A specialist designer creates every piece from scratch.  All of our pieces are designed and created in the Hand on Heart Studio by designers who care about your piece as much as you do.


10     We're here to help

Have a question or need some help?  That’s what we’re here for!  We’re always available to email and phone and are happy to help in any way we can.  


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