Ellie is one of our Production and Design Assistants here at Hand on Heart Jewellery specialising in our Engraved Range. After only starting in July she’s still learning the ropes but is enjoying learning and the challenges that this role brings . Read more about her typical day in the studio and which pieces she enjoys making the most. 

What does your job entail?

In the Studio we all help each other out, but as a Production and Design Assistant the main duties I carry out are editing the prints for the Handprint Jewellery that we receive into the studio, making and engraving the jewellery, and packaging each order ready for dispatch.



So what’s a typical day for you?

Each morning I start by checking the production box for the day’s orders and catching up with the other Design Assistants to find out where everyone is with their work load. I’ll start by putting each order into design on the system, which means that the customers receive an e-mail to say I have received their order into the design department and the piece is in the next stage of the making process.

Next I work through the orders looking at the prints on screen, ensuring that we have the correct print of a high enough quality to use. We can remove any smudges from wriggly fingers, toes and paws here, and invert the print so it can be engraved onto the jewellery.

Pieces for our Engraved Range are made using an engraving machine linked with the computer to put the prints and any text on our pieces.  I first design the jewellery on the computer and set up the engraving machine to engrave. Each different piece of jewellery needs a slightly different setting so there’s a lot to remember!

Finally each order is packed in tissue paper and a pillow box with Hand on Heart’s personalised ribbon, stickers and care instructions, so each customer gets the grand reveal when they open the envelope.

What are your favourite pieces to make?

I really enjoy making the birthstone charm necklaces as we make the birthstone gems by hand, and I love how they add a pop of colour to the jewellery.

What do you like the most about your job?

I enjoy editing the prints before designing the jewellery, some of them are so tiny yet so perfect and look stunning on our jewellery. On the other hand I really enjoy helping out Heather with the handcrafted pieces, I like sanding and polishing as it mixes up my duties and I even though it’s messy it’s great to have been part of making something so special to one of our customers.

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