Here at Hand on Heart Jewellery, we create two types of personalised jewellery, handcrafted and engraved. One of the most common questions we are asked before our customers order is what is the difference?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the piece for you as both ranges are very different. The main points to consider are how often you'd wear the piece, your budget, and your taste in jewellery.

If you like more delicate looking jewellery our engraved range may appeal to you. The sterling silver is lighter in weight perfect for her, and the stainless steel used for our keyrings and men’s jewellery is heavier, perfect for him. The prints on any handcrafted jewellery are darkened meaning the prints look black in comparison to the white prints of the engraved range, it really comes down to personal taste as to which style of print you prefer.

We understand that you may love our jewellery but may be on a budget, meaning that we offer the engraved range as a cheaper option. The making of the handcrafted jewellery is a longer process than engraving and this reflects in our prices.

Another aspect to think about would be how often you will wear the jewellery. The handcrafted range is more hard wearing and suitable for everyday wear. The engraved range is recommended for occasional wear.

The reason behind this is because the engraved jewellery has the prints engraved onto the surface of the silver, and anything that may scratch or scuff the silver will affect the prints. On the other hand, the handcrafted range has the prints impressed into the silver allowing the prints to be unaffected by anything scratching the jewellery.

Which ever range you choose, we have a huge selection of styles. There are hundreds of pieces that can hold from one to as many as 6 hands, feet or paw prints, we even have a fingerprint jewellery range allowing you to have the fingerprints of your loved ones impressed into silver.

 Hi res - Hand Footprint heart necklace.jpg


Hand & Foot Heart Charm Necklace - £105


low res - engraved-heart-necklace_one-child.jpg


Heart Necklace - £52

Hi res - Charlie.jpg


Dog Tag Charm Necklace - £110

Low Res -engraved_dog_tag_1.jpg


Dog Tag Necklace - £75

Low res - pand_4.jpg


Handprint Charm Bead - £75



Heart Charm Bead - £50