We currently offer two types of Handprint Jewellery; Hand-crafted and Engraved.  Whilst both types of Jewellery are similar in that they feature your loved ones' prints, the two types are quite different in how they are made.

Engraved handprint jewellery

Hand-crafted Jewellery

We started designing and making Hand-crafted Handprint Jewellery in 2008 and it could be argued that this is the original style of Handprint Jewellery.  We make this style out of sterling silver and the hand, foot and paw prints are cast into the silver.

Engraved jewellery


The process goes through a number of different phases, each step involving care, attention and detailed work.  Our designers work with the prints that the customer has taken and clean up any smudges before making a miniaturised replica impression of the hand.  This impression is then cast into the sterling silver and then the piece can start our long firing, sanding and finishing process.  Once we are happy with how the piece is looking, we can then darken the prints to bring out the unique detail.  View Handcrafted Jewellery



Engraved Jewellery

We launched our Engraved Jewellery range in the summer of 2013.  This style of Jewellery and Gifts have your loved ones' handprints engraved onto the surface of the charm.  The main advantage of engraving is that we can now use harder metals such as stainless steel which is perfect for keyrings and cufflinks.  We can also engrave sterling silver necklaces, charms and beads compatible with Pandora, Troll, Love Links and Chamilia bracelets.  View Engraved Jewellery


Engraved Handprint Jewellery


Hand-crafted Jewellery requires significantly more Designers time and materials than our Engraved range and is reflected in the price.  All of our products are available to purchase on our website and include a FREE handprint kit and postage.