New Fingerprint Jewellery Range

Fingerprint Jewellery is so much more than an accessory. Jewellery you wear is reflective of your personality and it makes a statement that is suggestive of your personal style. 

Hand on Heart Jewellery has taken this notion a step further, presenting its new and exclusive range of fingerprint jewellery. Wearing an ornament from this exclusive range of jewellery, you will be able to keep your loved one(s) close wherever you are. This latest fingerprint jewellery range by Hand on Heart Jewellery includes uniquely designed and hand-crafted fingerprint necklaces, fingerprint cufflinks, fingerprint tags, etc.

Silver fingerprint jewellery range by Hand on Heart Jewellery is truly unique and each piece of jewellery is specifically made for the wearer. If you too want to have an exclusive piece from this latest fingerprint jewellery range, send us your loved ones fingerprints and have them cast on any piece of jewellery you want. We delicately imprint your fingerprint onto your choice of jewellery, ranging from fingerprint necklaces to fingerprint cufflinks. Moreover, you may also get it printed for your friends and loved ones, to give them a gift that is different, unique, classy and elegant.

Taking your fingerprints for this purpose is really simple and easy. Scribble a square patch with a pencil and rub your finger over it. Then, place your finger on a piece of sticky tape and paste it on a piece of white paper. You can email or post the fingerprint to us, in order to get it imprinted onto one of the pieces from our elegant silver fingerprint jewellery range.  Read more on how to take fingerprints for Jewellery. 

Below is a description of some of the top-rated and most exclusive pieces from silver fingerprint jewellery range by Hand on Heart Jewellery.

A fingerprint textured necklace

Textured Fingerprint Heart Necklace

If you want to gift something truly different and emotive to your spouse or partner this coming anniversary or Valentine’s Day, this heart shaped fingerprint necklace is an ideal choice. It is designed to be embossed with two different fingerprints on an elegant heart-shaped pendant that comes along with an equally classy silver chain.

It is your chance to buy a gift for your loved one that adequately conveys your feelings and emotions.

Childs fingerprint tag 


Fingerprint Tag Charm Clip

This textured charm clip is stylish, unique and a can be a true reflection of your loved ones personality. Having a defined impression of your Childs fingerprint on a chic silver charm is to really add to your attire and creates a beautiful keepsake.

Fingerprint pandora style bead

Fingerprint Charm Bead

Featuring your loved ones true fingerprint, this exclusive charm bead exudes elegance and trendiness and can be a valuable addition to your attire. It has been designed to complement your Pandora or Troll bracelet beautifully and is a very special way to keep your loved one close.

 Fingerprint heart necklace charm

Large Fingerprint Heart Necklace

If you want to treat yourself, this large fingerprint necklace is an ideal purchase. Moreover, you may even gift it to your loved one to create a very special and memorial Mothers Day or Birthday present. Impressed with a defined impression of your Child’s fingerprint, dangling on a delicate silver chain, this fingerprint necklace can be a valuable addition to your jewellery collection.    

Hand on Heart is the ideal place to buy your Fingerprint Jewellery online. We hand craft each peice and ensure each jewellery item is absolutely perfect.