Christmas is the time of year for saying thank you to those we love the most. It's a time where we can take stock and fully appreciate the love and affection that we have in our lives, but that sometimes gets taken for granted. Our Mums and Grandmas are there for us no matter what and they would never accept thanks or praise. So we have put together this mini gift guide (you can find our full Christmas Gift Guide here) to give you some idea of the incredible unique and personal gifts that you can use to say thank you this holiday season.


 1. Descending Heart Fingerprint Necklace

descending heart necklace

One of our most popular products, the Descending Heart Fingerprint Necklace shows how your loved ones are in your heart at all times. This beautiful peice features the true prints of your special angel on the front of each charm, with the space for a name, date or personalised message on the reverse.


 2. Heart Handprint Bracelet

Heart Handprint Bracelet

The stunning Heart Handprint Bracelet is uniquely hers; the perfect accessory to any outfit. Featuring the true print of her loved one, this bracelet is style, class and beauty wrapped up in a package of love. 


 3. Round Footprint Charm Bead

Round footprint charm

The Round Footprint Charm Bead fits perfectly on a number of popular bracelets including Pandora, Chamilia, Troll and Lovelinks and is the ultimate way to show off her style and substance. Featuring the true print and initial of your loved one, this charm bead is the best way to make her style truly unique.


 4. Children's Drawing Charm

Children's drawing charm

For the mother or gandmother of a budding little Van Gogh, these Children's Drawing Charms show off the true artistic nature of your little angel. A child's imagination is like no other and there is no better picture than that of the image they have of the ones they love. 


 5. Heart Fingerprint Ring

Heart Fingerprint Ring

A true timless classic, the Heart Fingerprint Ring shows how your loved ones have left an everlasting impression on your heart. This ring is truely unique and a beautiful accessory for any outfit. 

Cant decide on the perfect gift? Why not send them a Hand on Heart Gift Pack and let them decide?