Men can be really hard to buy for. It doesn't matter what age and what relationship, most will claim that they already have everything they could ever need. The thing is, that could very well be true. If they have the love of family and friends, they may never be in need of anything else. If that is the case, and the love they have for family is the most important thing, why not buy them a peice of keepsake jewellery which will act as a constant reminder of the things they hold most dear? We've put together this mini gift guide (you can find our full Christmas Gift Guide here) to help you find the perfect gift for the deserving man in your life.


1. Leather Handprint Charm Bracelet - 2 Prints

Gifts for him Christmas bracelet

The Leather Handprint Charm Bracelet - 2 Prints is perfect for the man with 2 special little angels in his life. Featuring two prints, each with their own charm, this stylish leather bracelet is the ideal accessory for any outfit. 


2. Dog Tag Fingerprint Necklace

Fingerprint dog tag

For the man who has been touched by a print that could never dissapear, our Dog Tag Fingerprint Necklace is the perfect personal accessory. Perhaps a slightly more understated peice than the bracelet, this dog tag necklace can be worn under a shirt, t-shirt or jumper if the situation calls for it.


3. Engraved Footprint Keyring

Keyring for him

So that he can carry reminders of the person who means the world to him wherever he goes, this stainless steel Engraved Footprint Keyring is simple yet incredibly meaningful. 


4. Men's Handprint Ring

Personalised Ring for him

Rings are a sign of love. They're a symbol of enternity; an everlasting bond between two people that can never be broken. It's the kind of bond that exists between a father and his child, a grandfather and his grandchildren or a husband and his wife. 


5. Large Dog Tag Fingerprint Necklace - 2 Prints

Fingerprint dog tag necklace

 Two prints from two of his favourite people, this dog tag necklace is the ultimate in stylish masculinity. Featuring two fingerprints beautifully handcrafted into sterling silver, this necklace can be worn with any outfit.

Still not sure which piece is right for him? Why not send him a HoH Gift Pack so that he can choose for himself?