Travelling with work is something I always see as a privilege. I love to travel whenever the opportunity represents itself and feel it is key to stepping out your comfort zone and day to day schedule to grow as a person and absorb new information. My day to day schedule normally involves working at the lovely HoH Yorkshire office where I get involved in exciting campaigns and learn all the fundamentals of digital marketing, plus there is an endless supply of coffee! I am lucky to have the opportunity to be working alongside Rob again whom I met when we were colleagues at a digital design agency in Leeds.


Something New

It was a special week for me as I was given the opportunity to come up to the HoH Headquarters in Penrith and have a few days experience as life as a jewellery designer. I have always been creative and my love for art has never changed since studying Fine Art at school and gaining a degree in Graphic Design & Communication. I relished the idea of being creative ‘offline’ and learning more about how the bespoke jewellery is made here at Hand on Heart.

Day 1:

The first day was all about the engraving process and I was assigned to help Lauran with her workload for the morning. It felt like the good days in design and technology class, I was so impressed by how smooth the process was by the aid of fantastic technology. It goes to show that if you invest in the right people and the right tools, you get a fantastic product in return. From charm beads to cufflinks, it was so interesting to learn that every product requires a different set of processes to get the desired result. It was amazing how much the process ran like clockwork, and how efficient the engraving process is. Upon receiving the right prints or artwork, every product has an allocated time to be created by the designer and to be carefully packaged ready for shipment. It became clear from the day that every single piece of jewellery is handmade by highly skilled designers who put a lot of love and attention to every piece.

Day 2 & 3:

The second and third day, I was allocated to the Handcrafted team in the studio, this was the process that I knew the least about when compared to engraving. My first task was to polish some lovely charms in all different shapes and sizes. I was warned that my fingers would start to hurt by the designers, but I didn’t quite believe them. Thirty minutes later into the polishing, I realised exactly what they warned me about! The process of getting the charms from the early state they come out from the kiln to the final finished product is lengthy but compulsory in order to get that shine and high quality product that is not seen in any other personalised jewellery item.

After two days of working in the studio on the handcrafted items, my hands suffered more sores and blisters than my weekly rowing commitments! Although it is a satisfying feeling at the same time as it just goes to show how much skill and hard work goes into every handcrafted piece in the studio. It was an amazing feeling that the unique pieces that were made by the team were going to make someone's day and mean an awful lot to them. That is a feeling that is rarely felt when you are working in a profession.

To understand more about the difference between our handcrafted and engraved range, our little handcrafted vs. engraved guide is a great way to be able to tell the difference and help you make a decision of which product is right for you.