By Katie, Production Manager


When did you start at Hand on Heart Jewellery?

I joined the Hand on Heart team at the beginning of April. I’m still learning a lot of the processes at the moment but my colleagues are amazing so I already feel very at home here.

What does your job entail?

I am based in the studio with the design and production team. I ensure that all orders, including both handcrafted and engraved items, are processed on time and to the highest possible standard. I work closely with our Managing Director, Product Design Manager and the marketing team to plan for our  fantastic promotions and new products. This helps me to manage the workload coming into the studio and to ensure that lead times are as short as possible so that our customers receive their orders on time (ideally early).

I am also responsible for the recruitment, training and development of our team of talented designers. I ensure that we fulfill our health and safety obligations and that the team are organised and motivated. It can be a very fast paced environment so planning ahead is key!

What’s a typical day like for you?

Each day I report on our monthly orders and customer satisfaction levels. I ensure that the current orders for the day are split equally between our designers. Currently I’m learning the different processes so I am spending time with the designers who are showing me the ropes. I check all of our jewellery pieces before they are dispatched to make sure they are perfect. I help to pack and dispatch our orders too.

What is your favourite Hand on Heart piece?

So many of the pieces we sell are really special so it’s hard to choose a favourite. I’m currently wearing a Fingerprint Textured Heart Necklace from our new fingerprint jewellery range, which was made using both mine and my fiance’s thumbprints.

Large textured heart necklace

With the help of the designers I created this piece myself, from editing the prints and making the stamps, to polishing and finishing the necklace.  It’s stunningly unique and perfect for me as I currently don’t have any children or pets. It’s so easy to take fingerprints, you don’t even need to use the printing kits we supply with the print jewellery, you can take them at home with a pencil, some white paper and a roll of sellotape, it was great fun and fascinating to see my thumbprint so clearly.

How to take fingerprints

I’d love to have more pieces made, and this may become a reality as I’m getting married in July and would love my Ushers and Bridesmaids to wear something I’ve been a part of making. I think my Bridesmaids would love the Initial Charm Necklace and my fiance’s Ushers would look dapper with Initial Cufflinks.

initial charm necklace             Initial Cufflinks

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy checking all the pieces before they are packed, the prints we receive in the studio are often very cute as are the messages to be engraved onto our pieces. The inkless printing kits are so easy to use and work well for pet’s and small children so some of the prints are very tiny! It’s amazing to see the true likeness of the prints replicated in silver! I also get a warm fuzzy feeling just knowing that we are creating such personal pieces that will bring a lot of joy and comfort to our customers.