As you can imagine, we get a wide range of prints into the Hand on Heart studio on a daily basis. Some of these are perfect and ready to use but some have had wriggly fingers and toes or fuzzy paws stamped all over our inkless printing kits. Luckily designers Ellie and Lauran know just what to do to make these messy prints ‘jewellery ready’ and they call it the artwork!

Handcrafted and engraved products go through different artwork stages so we thought we would show you a few of these!

Handcrafted Items:

Our handcrafted jewellery range comes with a card showing the print used, the designers use these card to look at the original print when enhancing any detail to make sure what is impressed into the silver is a true representation of the hand, foot or paw print. So first we have to neaten up the original print.

paw 1.jpg    pet 2.jpg

paw 3.jpg

The next step is to prepare the image ready to be turned into a stamp. We ‘invert’ the print which turns the image white and the background black, we then use the print card to enhance any creases or detail so that it can be seen in the silver. It's then printed and made into a little plastic stamp so the print can be pressed into silver clay. 

paw 4.jpg

Engraved Items:

There aren’t any printed cards with engraved products so we don’t need to neaten the print in it’s original state. The first step is to invert the image as our engraving machines print the white part of the artwork. Our designers try to get the image as white as possible without losing too much detail in the print so we can see the detail on the engraved piece of jewellery.

hand 1.jpghand 2.jpghand 3.jpg

The final stage of the artwork for engraving is to remove any marks and smudges. These would be picked up by the engraving machine so we have to make sure the black background around the hand has no white in it.

hand 4.jpg

Hand on Heart’s Fingerprint Jewellery collection is based around using prints and creating silver to wear. It is a way to keep our loved ones close and wear something beautiful at the same time. The HoH team know that people you see everyday are alway interested in your unique piece as we’re alway being asked about ours.

Have a look at our handprint, footprint and paw print collection, and find a piece you’d love to see your loved one’s print on. Which is your favourite?