When did you start at Hand on Heart Jewellery?

I started working for Hand on Heart at the end of November last year, just in time to experience the crazy Christmas season. It was all hands on deck, which was brilliant because it meant I got to experience all aspects of the company which was very fun.

What does your job entail?

My main job as the customer service advisor is to ensure any orders we receive are processed and any customer enquiries are dealt with.  This involves printing the orders, dispatching prints kits (if required), selecting the relevant stock and processing the returned prints. We are a social bunch at Hand on Heart, which means our customers are able to contact us in various different ways, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WebChat, Website Contact Form and Email.

Whats a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me, where do I begin! Well the first thing I do each morning is make coffee, I cannot function otherwise. My first task of the day is to check for any customer enquiries that have come in overnight. We often receive quite a few so this can take me at least an hour. I then process any new orders we have received and make up any kits which need to be dispatched that day. This usually takes me until lunch time. My afternoon tasks consist of processing any returned prints and any new enquiries. It's always busy in the Customer Serivce Office but we always make sure we have time for 3 o'clock coffee and treat time.

What is your favourite Hand on Heart piece?

I think every design we create is truly wonderful, but I would have to say the Hand & Footprint Heart Charm Necklace is one of my favourites. Each set of prints we receive are completely unique and from receiving the order, to the prints being returned to the studio, to seeing the end result is wonderful with each necklace being simply stunning and precious to each of our customers. 

Hand and Footprint Heart Necklace

I myself have been lucky enough to own a piece of Hand on Heart Jewellery which was a gift from my Hand on heart family. I recently married in April this year and one of the key details of my wedding stationary was my Husbands and my fingerprints in a heart.


 Sophie Wedding Day

I came into work after my honeymoon to find the HoH team had designed me a necklace to remind me of the most happiest day of my life. So although I love the Hand & Footprint Necklace my most favourite piece would be my stunning handcrafted fingerprint necklace, which I will treasure forever.

 Sophie Necklace

What do you like most about your job?

The part I like most about my job is speaking to customers on the phone. Not only because I like to talk, but because it helps me to connect with the customers. Customers often confide in me and they tell me their stories as to why they have come to Hand on Heart and I feel like I am really involved with helping them choose a piece of jewellery which I know they can treasure forever. It is such a lovely feeling knowing you have been able to help someone and we love receiving positive feedback from our customers.