3 ways to have the best Valentine's Day ever

Want to have the best Valentine’s Day ever? These fail safe tips will ensure that not only you but all those close to your heart have a love-filled February 14...

Send Valentine’s Day cards to EVERYONE

Remember the sheer joy of receiving a Valentine’s Day card through the post? No? Us neither. If someone says they did, they made it up. Probably. So let’s make sure some of our best feel a little bit of that Valentine’s day love by sending them one. Friends, family, work chums - go crazy! Grab some little shop bought cards or go homemade - we’ve saved some easy yet adorable card ideas on Pinterest.

Send your BFF a bunch of flowers

She deserves to know how wonderful she is and this one act alone will make you feel all kinds of amazing. You can easily jazz up supermarket flowers by picking blooms in varying shades of the same colour and arranging them in an alternating pattern. Use floral wire and tape to secure and finish of with a matching ribbon. Find more easy flower ideas here on Pinterest. If that sounds too much of a faff, go wild, call a florist. Who doesn’t love that kind of special delivery?

Don’t over do it

Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. It shouldn’t be about stressing yourself out or enforced date-having. There are plenty of little ways you can show your partner a little romance without breaking the bank or dragging them out for an overpriced meal surrounded by a million other Valentiners. Try writing a few love notes and hiding them inside balloons around the house, or making some heart-shaped breakfast. We’ve saved loads of cute ideas here on Pinterest.

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