This week is my last week here at Hand on Heart Jewellery before I start my maternity leave! I'm soon to become a first time mum. My due date is in the middle of March so hopefully I won't have too long to wait before my new arrival.


There seems to be a whole world of planning to be done for the arrival of our baby but I have made time for planning my Hand on Heart jewellery wishlist. With my hospital bag packed with an inkless print kit I'll be ready to capture the little hands and feet!


Once my little one arrives, I would love to get his or her prints on the lovely Handcrafted charm bead as a treat to me to put on my leather bracelet. The beads that go out to all the lovely customers are beautiful and are so unique I just have to get one :-) I also love the new star initial necklaces that we have just released and once our little one is named I'll get his or her initial stamped on the star.


My wish list doesn't stop there - I have the whole family to treat :-) I have had a lot of advice and help during my pregnancy from close friends and family and would love to treat them all. For my husband, for being so patient, I will treat him to the engraved cufflink gift set with our little ones prints on. For my mum and aunties I will get them the handcrafted double footprint heart charm necklace with the feet impressed into the silver. They look so cute, especially when the prints are taken on new borns little wrinkly feet! For my Grandparents I will get them each a family tree necklace with the new addition on there. The family tree necklaces are very popular with our customers and I can see why. The tree is stunning and it's such a lovely keepsake and for my Dad, I will get the handprint keyring so he can have the baby's prints close to him.


To all the soon to be mums, good luck with the exciting future ahead. I will let you know how it has all gone when I return from maternity leave later this year.