When did you start at Hand on Heart?

I began working for hand on heart in June 2014 so I'm still new to the Hand on Heart world.

What do you get asked most by customers?

I often get asked 'Are you able to use the prints of my child who's an adult now?' The answer is yes! we can use the prints of any age - The prints are really easy to take and all you need to do is get the inkless print kit,  wipe the hand with the special wipe and then print it onto the special paper. When we receive the prints I pass it on to the design team and they shrink the print down and start making the unique personalised jewellery.

What is a typical day like for you?

The first thing i do in the morning is to see if we have any new questions or queries come into the emails or on Facebook page over night or on the weekend. We get a lot of requests and queries each day and i like to help people with their queries. Next I look at the new orders, for those who have requested a print kit i package them up and pop them in the post. If an order comes in that doesn't require a print kit i put the order into production and pass it onto the design team.

Later in the morning the post arrives and i get to open all the prints that have come back to us. It always looks like families have had great fun taking the prints. Once ive scanned all the prints into the order system i progress the orders and pass them onto the design team.

What is your favourite hand on heart piece?

I love the handcrafted pieces and i'm currently learning to make the pieces so I'm making a handcrafted pawprint necklace with my pet Rufus' paw prints on. Rufus is a Great Dane and his paw prints looked so huge on the paper! We get such a variety of prints from all animals big and small!

Rufus pawprint necklace

What do you like best about your job?

I love looking at all the prints that come into the studio, it looks like a lot of our customers have had a lot of fun taking the prints! It's lovely to be a part of keeping someone's loved ones close to their heart.

Kate is part of the skilled team that makes Hand on Heart Jewellery so unique. All of our jewellery and keepsakes are available at www.handonheartjewellery.co.uk