Get your little elves busy this Christmas and let us turn their creations into beautiful cufflinks. These artwork cufflinks are the perfect present and the perfect way to capture your little ones Christmas drawings. To get your artwork cufflinks in time for Christmas order by 23rd November and send your drawings to the studio by 1st December via or pop them in the post: Hand on Heart jewellery, White Ox, Inglewood road, Penrith CA11 8QN.

Christmas Cufflinks

When we receive the artwork into our studio our designer elves will begin by minaturising the artwork to fit it onto the cufflinks. The drawing will need to be done using a dark pen on white paper so that it is clear, too much detail on the drawing will get lost when the drawing is minaturised. What about a cute snowman or a picture of little one with their daddy? We can also engrave your little one's handwriting onto the cufflinks. 


Dads, grandads, brothers and uncles can proudly wear their cufflinks this Christmas. We also have a range of artwork jewellery for the mams, grandmas, aunties and sisters. Your little ones artwork can be engraved onto our heart necklace or crafted into a beautiful charm.

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