5 facts about handprint Jewellery making
  1. 1.  Handprint jewellery is first made from a soft silver clay.  The silver particles are merged together during the process which forms sterling silver.  

  1. 2.  We can make the handprints really, really small!  The size of the original print doesn’t make a difference, we can even use adult handprints!

  1. 3.  We fire the silver charms at 900°c - that's only 60°c lower than melting point!  Yes, we are often sporting burnt fingers! 


  1. 4.  The silver charms have to go through 11 individual processes in the Studio.


  1. 5.  We are scientists!  Well, not quite... but we do rely on chemical reactions to complete our process, especially when darkening the prints with Liver of Sulphure.



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Meet Lauran
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