Imprinted Jewellery Designs



Everything you need to know

With our Imprinted Jewellery, the print or text is technically 'cut' into the metal resulting in a high quality deep engraving. Over the years, our process of doing this has changed considerably as technology has advanced. We now use a mix of CNC rotary cutting and extremely precise laser machinery to cut and engrave each print into Imprinted Jewellery before finishing with more traditional silversmithing techniques.

The wonderful thing about Imprinted Jewellery is that the prints simply can't wear away. As they are actually cut into the metal, there is no way of removing the prints.

After Imprinting text and prints, we use an oxodising solution to bring the detail out in some of our designs. The level of darkness we take this to depends on the detail within the print and is judged by our designers as they make each piece. They are extremely experienced in getting the best result out of every print they work with. For this reason, the 'darkness' of each print will vary.

As long as our Aftercare guidance is followed and your Jewellery is removed when doing any activity that may cause damage (such as sports, manual work or cleaning), your Imprinted Jewellery is designed to wear every day.

All of our Jewellery comes with Care Instructions. You can also find our Care Instructions here.

All of our Imprinted Jewellery comes with a lifetime no-fade guarantee. You can view this in detail here.