How we make your Jewellery

Without doubt, the most popular question we get asked is "But, how do you make it?". It's a fair question! While we often joke that it's Magic, the truth is that we have been developing our specialised process and techniques for over 10 years now. Our technique is completely unique to us, so we obviously guard it with our lives, but we're prepared to let you into a few little secrets... 

Our design process starts as soon as we receive your prints. Every single print is checked by one of our most senior designers to ensure that it's suitable for the design ordered. It's very rare that we can't work with a print as our designers are so skilled at cleaning up any smudges or marks


Your prints are very carefully miniaturised to fit your chosen jewellery while keeping all the unique detail. This process is extremely skilled with our designers qualified to take a print down to just 1cm for some pieces!