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How to Open and Close a Jump Ring

A lot of the silver jewellery we make here at Hand on Heart Jewellery requires a jump ring, and our designers have become pros at using pliers to make all the jump rings secure. We don’t recommend opening and closing the jump rings on our jewellery yourself, as if it is not done correctly we cannot be reliable for any damage to or loss of the charm.

We’ve put a simple guide together of how to open and close jump rings, follow the steps below:

  • Starting with an open jump ring, you will need a charm, a jump ring, and a pair of flat nose pliers.

You Will Need.jpg

  • Next you’ll need to place the charm on the jump ring with the opening of the jump ring facing up. Place one of the pliers vertically on one side of the opening, using the pliers vertically as opposed to horizontally will allow more of the pliers to be in contact with the jump ring so you have more control. Place the other plier on the other side of the opening.

How To Hold.jpg

  • Use a twisting motion to bring your hands together and close the jump ring. If the jump ring doesn’t meet completely twist it back and forth until it meets. To open the jump ring start with your hands together and twist the jump ring apart. Do not pull the jump ring apart as this will dis-shape the silver and you will never get the jump ring closed properly again.