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Engraved Vs. Handcrafted


We create two different styles of jewellery to choose from - Handcrafted and Engraved. Both types of jewellery are created using different techniques, each creating stunning results which will treasure an unforgettable memory.

Both techniques produce breathtaking results on the jewellery, the choice is simply yours depending on your preferences and how often you would like to wear your special jewellery. If you want to wear your jewellery piece every day, then we recommend choosing from the handcrafted range which comes with a no fade lifetime guarantee. If you prefer to select a piece of jewellery to only wear for special occasions, the engraved jewellery range would be perfect and comes with a 12 month no fade guarantee after purchase.

Whichever design you choose, all of our products are created in the Hand on Heart Studio by experienced and highly skilled designers. The handcrafted jewellery range takes up to 7 days for us to create once we receive your prints and our engraved jewellery takes 2-3 days to create from us receiving your prints.

Handcrafted Jewellery is created using a detailed process where the fingerprint, foot, paw or handprint from a loved one is impressed deep into the material. The print is then oxidised, turning the print black and bringing out the true, unique detail.

As each piece is made by hand and not a machine, every piece will vary in shape and size slightly.  It is always easier to match products that are made at the same time, therefore subsequent orders may vary in shape and design.  All of our pieces are put through a very careful and delicate finishing process, which sees the metal polished with different grains to eventually achieve a beautiful shiny finish, but one that is never going to be 'flawless'. Very faint scratches will be visible if looked at very closely. This in no way takes away from the beauty of our charms and you can expect a very high standard of finish. By the nature of handmade silver, it would not be possible to achieve a perfect flawless finish.  We genuinely believe that our finish is the very best anyone can achieve, but please be aware that these products are hand made.  The prints are darkened to bring out any detail and because each print is totally unique, our designers will darken the charm to the depth which will suit that specific print the best and to maximise its detail. Some prints may be lighter or darker than others, depending on the size and detail of the print.  As the print is actually pushed into the silver, your charm will not lose any detail, and the print cannot wear away.  


Engraved Jewellery features the print of your beloved engraved onto the surface of the metal, which brings out an off white impression of your desired fingerprint, footprint, pawprint or handprint. Engraved jewellery provides a more subtle look than the hand crafted jewellery. The prints reflect the light and so will appear white in sunlight and darker in shade. We recommend engraved jewellery for occasional wear only as if worn every day and the surface of the metal becomes worn and damaged this will affect the quality and visibility of the prints on the metal.