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24 products

With so much to choose from, discover our most popular designs loved by you. 
All pieces are created in our studio by our talented designers using the true prints from your loved ones. Taking the prints is easy with our mess-free printing kit which is sent to you free when you place your order, or we can use prints that you may already have. Each print is carefully miniaturised meaning that we can work with prints of any age, any size. Your finished design will arrive beautifully gift presented and ready to love forever
1. Order your design and take the prints using the Magic Printing Kit we send you (we can also use prints that you may already have)
2. Take a photograph of the prints and upload them to your order via our Magic Print Uploader

designing handprint jewellery
3. Our highly skilled and specialised designers design and create your unique piece
handprint jewellery delivery
4. Your finished design is delivered to your door, ready to be loved forever

Made by us, Loved by you