June's Donation of Profits to Grief Encounter

June's Donation of Profits to Grief Encounter

Supporting Grief Encounter Charity

Did you know that every 22 minutes, a child in the UK is bereaved? It's terrifying. Thankfully, there are some fantastic people supporting these children when needed. Though various ways, including group workshops, one-to-one sessions and even a national help-line, Grief Encounter aim to be there for every child navigating the confusion and trauma of grief. 
Grief at any age is heartbreaking, but for a child it can change the rest of their life.

We are now 10 days into donating 10% of all gross profits to Grief Encounter in the month of June, and already have over £800 to be donated. It makes us so happy to be able to help such a wonderful cause and we're truly grateful to all of our wonderful customers who have helped us get to this point. 

For more information on Grief Encounter and ways to support them, please visit www.griefencounter.org

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