Why We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our Ashes Jewellery

Why We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our Ashes Jewellery

At Hand on Heart, we make jewellery to last a lifetime. We’re incredibly proud of this, and it’s an ethos that guides everything we do. Our Lifetime Guarantee is especially important when it comes to our cremation ashes jewellery. Due to the sensitive nature of memorial jewellery, we understand how meaningful and emotive it is for our customers. This is because these pieces aren’t simply beautiful jewellery; they also represent the precious memory of a loved one who is no longer with us. Therefore, our Lifetime Guarantee ensures this important piece of jewellery that offers comfort and sentiment through holding your loved one’s ashes will remain as perfect as it was on day one forever.

Memorial Ashes Jewellery

As a company that specialises in memorial jewellery, we can offer this Lifetime Guarantee as our imprinted designs are created by cutting the prints into the silver rather than engraving them onto the surface. This means they can be worn every day, and if the prints or text fade on your jewellery due to a fault with the piece, we will repair it at no extra cost. Of course, it’s important to be aware that our Lifetime Guarantee is subject to conditions. Misuse (including water contact), damage, removal from original fittings, addition to another piece of jewellery, or use with unapproved accessories may void the warranty.

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

We take care to ensure that all our customers are aware of how to care for their jewellery. It’s why we include care instructions with our orders, and we also talk about this on our blog too. Additional fittings such as chains, jump rings, and bracelets carry a 12-month warranty, providing the fault has arisen through a product fault, not customer misuse. If a fitting has failed after 12 months, we may be able to offer a repair as part of our maintenance service.

As always, our friendly customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions about our guarantees and aftercare. Or you can read further details about our product guarantee information.

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