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About Us...

Team Hand on Heart Jewellery

Founded in 2009, we're creators of Handprint & Fingerprint Jewellery and personalised gifts. These beautiful creations are all handcrafted using your loved ones' true handprints, fingerprintsfootprints or pawprints. Our special ordering system and mess-free printing kits make it easy for anyone to order our unique jewellery, take prints and create a keepsake to treasure for life. 

Our Story...

Founded in 2009 by sisters Amanda and Heather, the Hand on Heart Jewellery Studio is located in a picturesque village on the edge of the Lake District. After years of experimenting with silver, they developed and perfected a technique to transfer images into silver. The concept and design (a simple hand on a heart!) became so popular with friends and family that the sisters created a Facebook page and reached out to the public for feedback on the designs. Within a week the page had collected over 1,000 likes and the design requests were pouring in. Amanda cleared her kitchen table and for the next year, they worked around the clock creating new designs and talking to customers on Facebook. By 2014 the business had outgrown the home studio and moved into bigger premises in a local town which allowed the business to really take off, moving into developing new processes and a very popular Next Day Personalised Gift range. 

"We quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for a top quality keepsake jewellery company, and in 2009 Hand on Heart Jewellery was founded. As perfectionists at heart and sticklers for great customer service, we knew that our company would be special - after all, Handprint Jewellery is so unique, so we needed to be too! We started to build a handprint jewellery company that would put quality and customer service at the very heart of everything we did" explains Managing Director, Amanda Dixon. "In the summer of 2014, we made the move to new premises to accommodate our growing team of staff and designers that now help us run the company. This fabulous team have been specially selected by us, not only for their skills, but also as people who care about our customers, products and company as much as we do. Whilst we have grown considerably since 2009, our core values will never change - this means our customers can always be assured they will receive the very best from us". Today the company has grown to a strong team of designers, customer care team, development and marketing specialists.

Handprint Jewellery Designer

Creating Fingerprint Jewellery

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