Taking fingerprints using our Ink Print Kits

Taking fingerprints for our Fingerprint Jewellery is now easier than ever with our 'New Fingerprint Kits'. We have developed an easy way to take very detailed fingerprints prints in your own home using our new kit, which comes FREE with every fingerprint jewellery order from Hand on Heart.

The packs will be dispatched as soon as you place your order and you will receive 1 kit for every print required to make your chosen design. Fingerprint kits can also can be bought separately from our Kits & Packs category here.

Taking Prints with our Printing Kits

Step by Step Guide to taking Fingerprints

1 - Ensure the hand is clean and dry.

2 - Separate the ink strip and place ink side up on a hard surface.

3 - Place the fingerprint printing paper on a table or hard surface, such as a book.

4 - Gently place the finger onto the ink strip.

5 - Lightly place the finger down on the fingerprint printing paper. Do not roll or press hard, the lighter the touch the better and clearer the print.

6 - Repeat the process using a few different fingers, often a thumb will have a more detailed print, however this really varies between people.

TIP: Use as many fingers as you can – each fingerprint is different!

7 - Wash hands with soap and water and fill in details at the top of the sheet. 

What Happens Next?

Once you are happy with the prints, you can forward them to us by..

Post: Please use the free return envelope provided in your kit to post the prints to us at:

Hand on Heart Jewellery
Hackthorpe Hall Business Centre
The North Range, Unit 1
CA10 2HX

Other Important Details

Remember to label the prints with a name and quote your order number. Will will confirm by email that your prints have been received and immediately start work on your beautiful Fingerprint Jewellery or gift (during working hours). We keep a copy of all prints on file for 2 years to make re-ordering jewellery in the future easy!